Winterizing Your Patio: 7 Fall Steps to Get Started

Search and locate technicians - Talk To An Expert - DIY Help Center - Consider using an outdoor patio heater or fire pit and keeping some quilts handy for brisk evenings outdoors. Keep everything covered so it won't get dirty or wet, but Don't store your furniture so you can still use it at a moment?s notice. Get free estimates - corrugated metal roofing, flat roof, aluminum roofing, copper roof. Keep using it!If you live in a location blessed with mild winter weather, you may very well be able to continue to use your patio throughout the winter. 7 ..More

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Remodeling for Multi-Generational Living

Listings Of licensed contractors - Advice, Tips, Helpful Forum Pages - You might even be planning a remodel because these extended family members need to move in with you. If you are considering a remodel this year, you may have to think about more than just your spouse/partner and children. Residential & commercial services - roofing options, cheap roofing, flat roof replacement, slate roof repair. You might also be thinking about your parents, grandparents, or in-laws ..More

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Featured Contractor: Leo G

Directory listing of residential contractors - Blog - Ask A Question - He said, see you Monday. com. I told them OK. We were putting it through the widebelt sander when he came in. I got a job with one of the guys that use to work at the first millwork place making a kitchen. They hired me as the manager. I am happily married to my sweetheart of a wife. The first 5 months things were OK there. And I didn?t see him on the floor for about 2 months. I quit on the spot, took my stuff and vacated. I had asked about it at the beginning of the week and was told nothing like that was happening. Then the brothers split up there partnership and of course I ended up with the jerk. One day we made a big box and the back wasn?t fitting into the flush into the dado because it wasn?t deep enough. He cranked the machine so it would take a 1/16? off at once, which I knew it couldn?t do and told him so, he didn?t care. Next job I got was with a kitchen shop. We made everything that would go into 17th and 18th century homes. The boss seemed to like me and started me out in the field. I was there for another 3 months before he started screaming at me for asking a question. I had questions on how many wires that could be put into a conduit. I could never get a system down because he would constantly change it. The work went on for another couple of months until one day I went there and the door was locked, business closed. I asked him why?s that? He said because I accepted his ultimatum. Had to hire a crew at minimum wage. I named my company is LRG WoodCrafting, I have no imagination LOL. I found out that I was being rehired as a new employee into a newly named company. I told them I was busy with a kitchen and I could work for them for 1/2 days until my kitchen was completed. Just a shop that so happened to make speakers boxes. Currently we have been together for 28 years, my oldest has graduated from college with his bachelors in science and my youngest is in high school, mostly with honors. All my seniority, sick days and vacation time were scrapped as I was a new employee? strike one & two. I said sure, didn?t know it would end up being a career. At that time it was 1997 and I got my license. What do you expect from people that have little skills being paid minimum wage. I clarified to him that I wasn?t going to be coming back. I was doing a substantial amount of work for someone who was only suppose to be managing. Drove me made. I was very upset with him as your bank account shouldn?t be depleting while you are working full time. I started out with a single post like the all of you did. A buddy of mine got me a chance with a construction company. I was there for 8 months when they had a shop wide layoff. After a while I started paying for the rent on the shop he had been renting and then eventually I got a place a few miles from my home. Most of you know me here because of my moderator position. DIY was my first question LOL. It was going to slow for him. All of which I was adequate at but really not enjoying. Get free quotes - flat roof systems, flat metal roof, synthetic slate roof, cedar roof. I started out needing a job for the summer after going through a few jobs that weren?t my cup of tea. The guy that hired me to do the kitchen kept me busy for a long time and slowly but surely pushed me into being an independent contractor. From that time on I was on my own. I worked there the week and was called to the office. I worked there until 1990 when it became apparent that he was having a hard time with his bills. Of course that wasn?t always the way. Couldn?t squeak out those other 4. I told them that what they did sucked, loosing my benefits and then telling me that I was inconveniencing them by leaving. Digging ditches then painting then wide board flooring then framing on post and beam houses. Sent it into the machine and it came to a screeching halt. Leo GLRG WoodCraftinglrgwood. Hated to leave the job, but I was owed money and he took 12 weeks to pay off six weeks of what he owed me. Never knew why and never heard from him again. The owner would come into the shop and rearrange things nearly every day to make things more ?efficient?. I started it officially in 1997, but I?ve been in woodworking since 1985. So I got a job up the road for a couple of brothers that did the same thing but on a more modern house. I taught them some things that I learned and vice versa. Been there ever since. I was pissed. About 3 weeks into that kitchen I got called back to the millwork job. My next job was in a speaker manufacturer. I told him to get out of my shop. We got hitched in ?86 and bought a house in ?89 and had two boys. The expected great things from people who knew nothing. The boss asked me if I?d like to try working inside the millwork shop. Production quota was suppose to be 35 boxes a day, complete including finishing. My name is Leo Graywacz. I was given the ultimatum that I could either work for them full time or I was gone. After about a month we were able to get up to about 31 a day. I asked for an experience worker and was denied ..More

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Galley Kitchen Remodeling

Service Expert certified contractors - Repair & Service Forums - The good news is that remodeling your galley kitchen can address these concerns via some simple tweaks, many of which can be achieved on a budget. However, sometimes the space can feel cramped, dark, and not terribly welcoming to guests. In general, galley kitchens are found in smaller spaces, which can be a great benefit to anyone involved in cooking or food preparation when space is an issue. Get free quotes - roof framing, hail damage, affordable roofing, roofing services. In galley kitchen design, the ?workflow triangle,? which co-locates the refrigerator, stove and sink, offers maximum efficiency with minimal steps between the various components ..More

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Phone Leads Vs. Website Contact Forms

Directory Of contractors - Top 10 Blogs - Get free estimates - roof leak detection, roofing for flat roofs, flat roof leak repair, flat roof leaking. Look at your website. The word "friendly" is important because pay per click tests confirm that it's a hot button for consumers shopping for a local home service contractor. All web leads are NOT created equal. Hopefully, one of your site's primary calls-to-action is something like, "call our office and speak to a friendly member of our team!"Savvy local contractors know that web leads generated via phone call tend to convert at a much higher rate than website contact forms. Your site probably asks visitors to do a handful of things--view testimonials, fill out a contact form, request an estimate, sign up for an email newsletter, etc ..More

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